About Us

DEVOTRANS has been manufacturing electric, electronic and mechanical test equipment since 1960. “DEVOTRANS” derives from DEğişik (Variable) VOltaj (Voltage) TRANSformatörü (Transformer), a device that our company was the first to manufacture in Turkey. DEVOTRANS has produced 600 different kinds of equipment for more than 50 different branches of business. It is proud of being the first and only manufacturer of a number of products in Turkey. With the introduction of TSE practices in Turkey, our company undertook to manufacture equipment relating to TSE and quality control operations. It has produced thousands of tensile – pressure – stretching – compression test devices and set up laboratories over the last 30 years. To have a place in the global economy, companies must now be focused on customer satisfaction and be competitive in terms of quality.

With the changing of the concept of quality, Control and Measurement Systems and Calibration became even more important because they contribute to obtaining and maintaining quality levels complying with quality management standards such as ISO 9001.

DEVOTRANS make customized designs depending on the standards in question. It has secured a place in the laboratories of the leading companies of Turkey. Its products are used to carry out a number of tests including break, tearing, crushing, breakage and bending tests as well as measurement of resistance against bursting, abrasion and wear and tear and tests for physical features such as hardness, density, air- or water-permeability. High voltage insulation and electric resistance tests are also available.

Such tests allow manufacturers to deliver high quality products complying with the standards.

Our Company has had since 2006 its own calibration laboratory.

The Devotrans Calibration Laboratory (DVTLAB) has created its infrastructure to meet the requirements of TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 and was accredited on 31 December 2008 by TÜRKAK for force, temperature and scale operations. DVTLAB added in 2010 “pressure” and in 2021 “extensometer” to the scope of its accreditation. Now, it renders accredited calibration services in the fields of force, temperature, scale, pressure and extensometer. It renders calibration services in other fields as well without accreditation.

DVTLAB renders calibration services at the laboratory and/or at the premises of its customers. Calibrations carried out at the premises of the customer are: force, extensometer, temperature and scale calibrations. Calibrations carried out at the laboratory are: pressure calibrations.

Reference equipment used by DVTLAB for calibration is traceable through the National Metrology Institute (UME) and/or other accepted national metrology entities.