Calibration Services

Find below a list of the calibration services we provide:

FORCE CALIBRATION: Material testing equipment – tensile and/or compression test equipment.

PRESSURE CALIBRATION: Oil manometers, pressure transducers

TEMPERATURE CALIBRATION: Ovens, incubators, sterilizers, air-conditioning cubicles, temperature experiment rooms, deepfreezes and refrigerators.

SCALE CALIBRATION: Scales up to 10 kg in maximum capacity

EXTENSOMETER CALIBRATION: Material testing equipment – extensometers



Calibration is a series of operations conducted under fixed conditions to determine the relation between the values shown by a measuring system or device or values shown by a material measure on one part and the values of the measured quantity that are known to correspond to these. It means fine-tuning equipment that is used to measure dimensions, force, weight, hardness, temperature etc. on the basis of known measures and determining error limits.



According to the quality management system standards, test and measurement equipment must undergo tests to determine their deviation from the reference standard by comparing them to the pre-determined values of reference standards under given environmental conditions; in other words, they must be calibrated. This is why companies who have or wish to have such certificates must calibrate their equipment. In addition, manufacturers who wish to deliver high quality products need calibration to eliminate the risk of delivering non complying products due to unreliable measuring equipment.